Mystery Designs

Mystery Designs: Independent Suspension and Fixed axle Trike Conversion Kits are compatible with all belt or chain driven motorcycles. The kits work well with the larger bikes such as, any 1984 and up Harley Davidson, Yamaha Roadstar, Roadliner and Stratoliner, or 1988 and up Honda Valkyrie, Goldwing or VTX. Our trike kits can be easily adapted to fit all belt or chain driven motorcycles as long as the bike has enough power to pull the kit. The ISS is best suited for a 1000cc or greater motorcycle and the Fixed axle is best suited for a 750cc or greater motorcycle.

Mystery Designs is the home of the Tiltster – tilting mechanism, the world’s first “tilting” Independent Suspension Kit for motorcycles. The Tiltster is an upgrade option for our Independent Suspension which allows the trike to Tilt into and out of the corners automatically . This option can be added in the future or to start.

Suspension Systems

Independent Rear Suspension is available in Chrome (shown) and in an unpainted metal. Custom Wheel, Fenders and other accessories also available.

This suspension specifically addresses correct roll-centers for high speed cornering. This suspension system rides softly and corners aggressively without lifting the inside tire. Nod modivation to the motorcycle frame is needed, swingarm will be the only part modified. The fixed axle is also available with outboard brakes.

Mystery Designs revolutionary Tiltster is the only conversion in the world that allows the trike to tilt into the corners. Trikes equipped with the independent suspension and Tiltster upgrade provide unmatched performance and handling.

The Fixed axle will convert any belt or chain driven motorcycle into a trike in hours. The 41” fixed axle provides a more stable ride for most applications. The 33” fixed axle is less expensive but generally requires wide tires with “deep Dish” or reverse offset wheels to maintain stability. The Fixed Axle has the same center section as the independent suspension so it can be converted into an independent suspension later down the road. The system will use the stock chain and sprocket or belt and pulley. It uses the same 4 piston Wilwood brake and 13” rotor, the largest in the trike industry.

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